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Voltmax is Lebanon’s leading one-stop power solutions company. With more than ten years of experience, we have been capable of constantly delivering quality, durability and efficiency. We pride ourselves with not only our excellent services, but also our wide range solutions.
Voltmax offers you power solutions, isolation transformers, power panels, voltage stabilizers AND offline UPS all in ONE place.
When offering our services, we make sure we offer extensive variety, guaranteed quality, standardized durability and exceptional support.
For ease of mind, partner now with Voltmax –your one-stop power solutions destination.


We manufacture your products primarily with the purpose to operate uninterruptedly and consistently— at the outer limits of their specified qualifications/ descriptions.


Our technically competent team will personally assist you, from delivery to installtion, in order to deliver efficient results. 


Not only do we insure that our clients choose the best products, our hand-picked staff members promise to deliver the smooth and swift support you deserve.


Founded in 2003, Voltmax has spent the last decade perfecting its services in order to achieve the title of Lebanon’s leading specialist power solutions provider.

Guaranteed Quality

All our products are initially built with the highest quality in mind. We emphasize, and always will, on the performance of our products and services.

Standardized durability

Our products last! With promised durability, our clients can rest assured that they will be left satisfied with the purchased power solutions.

One-of-a-kind in the MENA region

With our exceptional variety and quality, we are the only company of its kind offering A-To-Z solutions in The MENA Region. With such a position comes great responsibility. Therefore, Voltmax strives on being the best in its field.


Voltmax offers upmost commitment to our customers by insuring that our clients always receive exceptional quality in product, service, maintenance and  support.

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Isolation transformers, electrical panels, servos, voltage regulators and more...

Voltage Stabilizers

Our Voltage Stabilizers continuously monitor the incoming mains supply and should the voltage rise/drop they will automatically control the output voltage.

Power Panels

Our full range of services include custom fabrication in steel, bus bar design, specialized engraving and CAD design.

Power Transformers

Our wide range of power Transformers offer accurate, reliable and long lasting voltage control making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Falcon stabilisers are available for different ranges of input voltage fluctuation.

An automatic circuit breaker is mounted on the regulation circuit to protect against overload and short circuit on the voltage regulator.

A digital display on the front panel shows the input - output voltage input current and the alarm (min/max output voltage, overload ). The control logic is based on a digital microprocessor.

All falcon stabilisers are fitted with the same control card, thus simplifying maintenance operations and spare parts storage.


We offer a wide range of input voltage fluctuations in the TP 28-135 three phase stabilizers series.

Our voltage regulators are protected against short circuits and power overload, with a digital display of
the regulator’s power outputs, inputs and amperage.

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